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The German company RW silicium GmbH is a manufacturer of metallurgical silicon. The silver coloured semi-metal is generated in a process whereby quartz and carbon are converted in electric arc furnaces. It is used in the chemical industry as a basic element for silicione chemistry, microelectronics and solar energy and furthermore it is utilized as an alloying metal in aluminium foundries.

Amorphous silicon dioxide (mikrosilica) is also obtained as a by-product during the manufacturing process. The so-called RW-Füller is used either as an uncompacted, high-grade microfiller - or compacted as RW-Compasil - in ceramic and refractory products as well as in fibre cement and special concretes.

RW silicium GmbH currently employs around 120 people.



Graphit Kropfmühl - experts in raw materials for more than 140 years.

Since 1916, Graphit Kropfmühl and its global production sites have been synonymous with outstanding raw materials expertise. Innovation, market proximity and an absolutely customer-centric approach have helped us become a trend-setting graphite refiner. We are committed to developing high-quality specialist products and solutions using cutting-edge and quality-driven processes on the back of intensive dialogue with our customers and partners.  

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