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2016 Revamping of last furnace with composite electrodes    
2013/14 Revamping of two furnaces with composite electrodes    
2011 Revamping of one furnace with composite electrodes    
2010 Start-up of 3rd casting implement for the production of Silocast    
2009 Revamping of furnace No. 4 with new electrode system    
2008 Comissioning of another baghouse filter with 400.000 m³/h capacity    
2004 Improvement of the metal-transport by increasing the size of casting ladles    
2002 The production of "RW-Füller Q1" takes the demands of high grade Mikrosilica. Increase of the storage capacity for 250m³    
2001 Start-up of two automatic raw material preparation plants    
1999 Start-up of a second baghouse with 400.000 m³/h. Increase of the production from 20.000 to 26.000 metric tons per year    
1998 Change from VAW aluminium AG to Graphit Kropfmühl AG on October 1st    
1997 Installation of tap hole de-dusting units to collect the fine dust    
1995-1996 Start-up of two casting machines for Silicon-Metal. The high grade product "Silcocast" is selled to the Chemical Industry for the production of silicones    
1976 Start-up of a filter baghouse to clean the off-gases (production of Silica-Fume) with a capacity of 800.000 m³/h    
1969 The production is more and more changed to Silicon-Metal    
1955 Extension of the furnace building and start-up of a 4th furnace    
1948-1951 Start-up of three Ferrosilicon-furnaces with a total load of 17 MW    
1947 The Vereinigte Aluminiumwerke (VAW) get the permission to produce Ferrosilicon (FeSi 45/ 75/ 90), which is needed in steel production    
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